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The Best Design Shops In San Francisco
Straddling Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights, two of San Francisco’s most gracious neighborhoods, Sacramento Street has experienced a boomlet of sophisticated and elegant shops. And it’s no wonder: With well-established local families now joined by an influx of tech entrepreneurs, there’s no shortage of beautiful nests to feather.

Sacramento StreetSacramento Bee

SAN FRANCISCO — Snarkmeisters used to call an eight-block stretch of Sacramento Street “Couch Canyon” – and not because people could get a good deal on a sectional. Topographically and economically, it’s not even a canyon; rather, it sits haughtily atop the city in the über-affluent Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights neighborhoods. Hardly bottom-dwelling territory.

headsIn this affluent neighborhood known for its posh shops displaying exquisite objects for the home, the arrival in recent years of a new wave of merchants with fresh ideas and modern sensibilities has added a contemporary edge. You’ll find a thoughtfully curated and still exclusive mix of new, vintage and antique items, along with some surprisingly affordable finds.


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